AI Sales Assistant Free Prompt

Goal Platform Prompt
Find out what are the top trends on the internet Bard I’m interested in learning about the top trends on the internet right now. Can you tell me what are some of the most popular topics, hashtags, and challenges on social media? I’m also interested in learning about new technologies and innovations that are gaining traction online.
best prompts to generate a list of blog post ideas. ChatGPT What are some challenges that [your niche] target audience is facing?

What are some tips and tricks that [your niche] can share with my target audience?

What are some stories that I can share that are relevant to [your niche]?

What are some personal experiences that I can share that would be relevant to [your niche]?
Podcast ideas for your niche Bard What are the most viral podcast topics in [your niche]? These topics could be controversial, timely, entertaining, educational, innovative, or relatable.
Get ready for a job interview ChatGPT I am preparing for a [job title] job technical interview. I would like you to generate a list of common [position – seniority level] of [job title] interview questions and the most topics I should focus on.